Tuesday, October 16, 2007

wooden monkey

wooden monkey
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Yay, Fred is home from his week long trip. He brought me back a gift of a down throw blanket which has a pocket at one end. The pocket holds your feet. The idea seemed a bit odd at first, but since his room-comfort temperature naturally runs about 40 degrees cooler than my own, I need and want these things when we're in the room together.

All the windows open, every fan in the house going at high speed. It was the first thing he did when he got home. Gee, it's stuffy in here he always says, the brisk autumn air challenging my little coccoon of warmth. Sumo sleeps under the covers at night. All night long.


Sabrina Lorah said...

I love this monkey--it's so bizarre. What's the story with it.

Val Cox said...

Fred and I found it at an antique store years ago, I was immediately drawn to it. I believe it's a Pennsylvania, Amish toy. It has little strings as joints, it sits and lays down, that's about it. Monkey, gorilla, I'm not sure.