Wednesday, October 17, 2007

bowl of figs

bowl of figs
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Figs are so darn photogenic, and yummy! Today I need to go into NYC by train. It's not so much fun to go alone, but Fred will meet me there, and we'll travel back home together.

He wants me there for a dinner party he's hosting with some work colleagues. Concerning the schedule conflict I found myself in--this dinner, or Rush's late afternoon dentist appoinment, the appointment made six months ago....Rush was more than happy to give up his slot of my time. (figures!)

These social events always make me a little nervous, there will be 18-20 of us, but when it's over, I'm sure I'll be glad that I went.

Now to find the right dress in my closet and decide if I can manage bringing my camera with me. This viewfinder camera contraption is bulky and heavy...but I think I must!


Linda Carol said...

I've never given a fig about a fig until you mentioned them short while back, but you certianly made me curious. I was a party on Saturday and got to try my first ever fresh fig. It was quite delicious! Not a Fig Newton at all.
I can see why you are nuts for them!

Val Cox said...

oh yes, not fig-newton like at all, I just love the texture and the oversweet quality. The fact that their season is so short makes them all the most special. Thanks Linda for commenting!