Thursday, October 18, 2007

strangers on a train

women on train
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We had the best time in NYC, the dinner party was wonderful. I was late getting the train to meet up with Fred at Penn Station. I left the house two hours later than planned, not just because Rush had unexpectedly stayed home sick, and not because Rush kept calling me on the house phone from bed on his cell phone to please bring some more hot tea, or to come watch the funniest kitten videos on youtube. One after another, they were classic! No I left the house two hours late because I wanted to finish the parascope contruction with my latest Argus-75 viewfinder camera, a classic early 1950's camera.

When I realized the train arrived in NYC at the same time the party Fred was hosting was about to start, I told him I'd meet him at the restaurant. When getting a taxi at 5:45pm proved much harder than expected he was so sweet and told me to just get there when I could, and if I ran out of time, enjoy taking photos, I had money with me and common sense, and I could just take the train back home. He was right, and it took so much pressue off.

But I was already in my little black dress and heels and the dinner sounded really good, and I knew he had a limo for the ride home. Why let him go alone, I gave up on photo taken and found my way to this uptown restaurant. It was wonderful. I think we both napped the hour and a half drive home, full from an amazing dinner, stimulating conversation and a little bit of wine. The driver never speaking a word, a tiny orange cresent moon at the horizon the entire way.


Sabrina Lorah said...

Love this photo Val. Especially how you captured the windows and the zoned out expressions on their faces.

I've seen that strange contraption you use. How in the world did you take it without everyone looking at you? Or worse, throwing you off the moving train for appearing to launch what might look like a small missile?

Sabrina Lorah said...

Oh Val, I keep forgetting to mention this. I've taken a little poll of my own and several of us want our own Fred. Let me (us) know if anything can be done.

Val Cox said...

hehe, that's funny Sabrina, thanks for your comments!