Monday, October 15, 2007


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Last night I went to the cottage for the final time. I just had to check for anything left behind, then leave the keys on the counter, locking the door behind me, pulled shut. I left a nice bottle of wine for the new resident (Sorry Fred if the bottle I grabbed from your collection while you were out of town was one of the really expensive ones. It had such a pretty label).

Attached to the bottle, by a red ribbon, a little note. Letting her know about the loose step, fourth one up from the bottom. Also, about not running a computer, the window AC and the microwave at the same time. (The computer loses, ask me how I know).

I took one more look around, breathed in the wonderful cottage smell, lived in the moment for that brief time and shut the door without looking back. Today I thought, oh I have to run and get the mail, feed the ducks... than almost a relief. No I don't have those obligations anymore, the freedom itself can be it's own blessing.


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Anonymous said...

I'll miss your duck photos Val!

Hollister, CA

Sabrina Lorah said...

Val, it's not too late to leave a trail of corn from the cottage to your house. If you stop putting chlorine in the pool I think they could be quite happy there. Just a thought.

Val Cox said...

oh I wish! The few times that ducks have landed in the pool, the dog made sure to let them know they could rest, but not stay for long.