Sunday, September 09, 2007

Savannah is getting more patient with me taking her photo. As long as she doesn't know she's the subject, she'll hold still for half a second. That's all I need.

There's a Thai resturant in Lamberville NJ that Fred and I have gone to for many years. Maybe ten years. Usually on Sunday for lunch. The place is nothing fancy, just 10 tables. The owner is the waiter, his daughter who used to help waitress has long since moved. The baby sister toddler we watched grow, is now serving water and delivering the Thai tea. The tea for which we really drive the 25 miles, and order food to go with it because you can't just order tea.

We were laughing today as we left that most times we are there, there's another couple about our age who is also there, always at the same table, four feet from ours. I know what they will order. They likely know what we will order. We see them nearly everytime. Sometimes we are the only four guests, but we never say a word nor ever acknowledge that we have seen them for before, nor they us.

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