Saturday, September 08, 2007

painted lady

painted lady
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We went to a open anquite flea market today, it's one of my favorites. Along the lake in Yardley, under the shade trees, at the old Quaker church. It's the 40th year. We've been going the last 8 years. So many antiques and collectibles we would have loved to have taken home, but we only had $22. among us, completely forgot the day. So we imagined what we would get, took stock of the wonderful things we already owned, and used the money to eat instead. The peach cobbler always my favorite part.


Anonymous said...

Dear Valerie,

Do you know about Russian Orthodox Iconography? They are old-world style paintings of saints. It is a very old tradition. My friend studies this painting technique and she tells me that the paintings are not viewed, but read. The painter "writes" the story.

I agree with the post above. Your pictures tell stories--and so do you. Very well.

I look forward to visiting here daily. Thank you very much.

Portia Holland

Val Cox said...

Portia, thank you for your comment! I know very little about this type of art. My sister explained a little of the 'reading' of these paintings and it's very facinating, I would love to learn more. Thank you for the suggestion!