Sunday, December 16, 2007

contraption, self

contraption, self
Originally uploaded by valcox
two cameras, one digital, capturing an image of the glass bubble-top viewfinder from the 1940's camera. The contraption is the housing of the two together, keeping light and reflections off the viewfinder itself.


Kellan said...

You lost me at "originally" - but it all sounds very cool!! Have a great Sunday. Kellan

Rising Rainbow said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and your raspberries still look scrumptious! lol

luanne said...

what is that connecting part in between cameras made of, black foamcore? did you make it specifically to fit & connect these two cameras?

love all your photos. merry christmas!

Val Cox said...

thanks luanne, yes it's black foam core to keep the light out. (well actually a cardboard box covered in black tape) but black foam core is the way if you're a tad crafty!

It doesn't have to be a light tight, you just want to keep reflections off the old glass viewfinder, so you can capture a nice image.

I have more details of 'through the viewfinder' photo techniques on my other blog here: