Sunday, December 16, 2007

berries, pumpkins

berries, pumpkins
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No snow as I had hoped, though we had a gentle, steady rain. On this pajama day, I got as far outside as the patio table to view my pile of pumpkins, not yet rotten from halloween.

Today Fred made a fire for me, I made split pea soup for him. It's almost winter!


Anonymous said...

Val, your photography book has just arrived in Blighty and it looks AMAZING. Looking forward to sitting down tonight with an egg nog and my feet up and indulging myself with your glorious talent. Thank you so much. :)


Val Cox said...

Excellent Bev, I'm happy it made it to the UK so quickly! Thank you for your kind comments! Val

Kellan said...

Split pea soup and a fire - perfect! Great photo. See you soon. Kellan

ALF said...

I'm so totally jealous of how warm you sound! We're hoping for snow here too!

dilling said...

guess what I am making tonight? Yup. Split pea soup!

Val Cox said...

yah, here's to split soup.

We had it twice in a row. Now I wish the pot hadn't been so big!