Wednesday, September 12, 2007

sail away

sail away
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Somehow summer came and went and we never made it out to the lake this year. Each day led to another and the season whizzed by!

I am savoring this time from work. I haven't sat at the torch in months and I'm offering frit only to a couple stores, primarily Sabrina's site (, and I'm really enjoying the change. Glass still keeps me busy, but I'm shipping fewer, yet bigger boxes of frit at a time rather than bunches of little boxes. A bit less for the cashbox, but well worth it in the time I'm spending with the kids, Fred and exploring some fun new areas in glass casting as well as photography.

I can't wait to show some new things I'm doing with glass casting and beads, but I want to get further along, as much of it is experimental and I'm pushing in some new directions, but not sailing too far adrift from my love for glass beads.


Anonymous said...

So I suppose you love glass too much to ever leave it. You know, if you ever wanted to devote yourself solely to photography the world would create new colors for you. I wish you'd consider it.


Val Cox said...

you're very kind, thank you for your comments! Val

Sabrina Lorah said...


Apart from the wonderful stories you tell us in words, your images are well crafted poems. The way you choose what to show us, where you place emphasis, and what you leave to the imagination. Remarkable.

M'ie said...

She takes me due east

No passport needed today

Her boat knows the way

Jenny Friske-Baer said...

Hi Val - just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the direction you are taking with your photos - they are fabulous. And if you ever want to turn the "Painted Lady" into a print of some sort I would love to make the purchase! I keep going back to look at her - she speaks to me to the point of goosebumps...

Val Cox said...

Sabrina, that's so nice, thank you!

Hi M'ie, I love that poem, thank you.

hey Jenny, great to see you! Thank you for the comment on the 'painted lady', that's nice to hear. Yes I'm having some professional reprints made up of a few favorite photos, I'll have a link soon.