Thursday, September 13, 2007

ghost of a starfish

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My mother loves pearls. She freely uses words such as nacre, lustre, though she were describing something much more commonplace. When I visited her last month, I was reminded of her large collection of pearls-- rounds, pear, oval, baroque.... Pearls purchased for making jewelry, or perhaps purchased for the love of collecting them, I'm not sure which.

I said, 'let's start an etsy store for you...we can list some finished jewelry, but first let's offer some of these pearls'. She delightedly agreed. So when I get back home, I start playing with the esty photo style, you know, that shallow depth of field, pretty background, single-prop style. I start collecting backdrops. First I found a wonderful Japanese paper site (, then I start collecting the props for the photos, then I get side tracked and become obsessed with the papers and props alone--and can't stop. 'Your etsy store? oh yeah....I'm on it....'


Lori Peterson said...

LOL! Focus, Val, focus! :)

luanne said...

Hi Val, one of the joys of of my moving to Phoenix last year was discovering The Paper Studio. It's incredible in person, like a wonderful candy store... but with amazing papers, and the nicest folks that work there! (Glad to know I'm not the only glass beadmaker who meanders off on these creative detours.) And I'll look forward to seeing your Mom's etsy shop!

Val Cox said...

Lori, that's funny! That's exactly what the old-school photo guys were telling me...just close up my aperature and I could take care of that focus problem, hehe!

Val Cox said...

hi Luanne, oh my gosh, I can't even imagine shopping that paper store in person! I can hardly get out of the Japanese paper section online without adding goodies to my cart, taking one out, to add another one in. Thanks for the encouragement with my mom's etsy store!