Monday, September 17, 2007

basket of figs

basket of figs
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In Pennsylvania, I'm quite certain, figs are available one day a year, possibly less. I lucked into doing my grocery shopping the right day! I bought two baskets--one destined for photography. The other devoured before I got home to unpack the groceries.


Victoria said...

Hi Val
Friend of Kristens, here.
Very nice blog and poetic photography.

Love these colors and these FIGS!


Val Cox said...

Hi Vicky, thank you for coming over and for your kind comments!

Nin Andrews said...

Wow, this is gorgeous . . .

Maggie said...

Hi Val,

I'm visiting my family in San Jose and my dad still has figs on his tree. Yum. What a delight to come "home" to. Have been picking and eating and loving them.

Wish I could send you some!