Thursday, June 26, 2008

rush and his friend ben

Originally uploaded by valcox
We made a deal. I ordered and paid for take out Chinese food (for 4 hungry teenage boys) and they agreed to let me bring out the camera after lunch. My request was 'no smiles'. Then the dog showed up which made it very difficult.


duotone said...

Is it me of did you flip that picture?

travelma said...

You bribe for photos???? Is that a universal photographer thing?

Val Cox said...

duotone, the backward style is part of what makes this a 'viewfinder' photo, as it's always a mirror image. Some ttv'ers 'flip' their photos to make them read right, but I'll usually keep them as captured. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

travelma, I think it's a universal 'teenage' thing! :)