Monday, May 12, 2008


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I had the best birthday/mother's day weekend. Fred and the kids do it right. Even when my birthday and mother's day fall on the same Sunday, I still get two cakes, two sets of cards and the gifts are specifically designated as either birthday or mother's day.

This year we broke tradition and didn't get our cake from Cramer's bakery as a good Yardley resident must do, but we tried a new German bakery the next town over, and feasted on the German chocolate cake. The Sunday cake was cheesecake and I'm still to full to even try it yet!


Lori Peterson said...

Happy belated Birthday, Val!

Allie said...

Happy belated Birthday! I hope it was absolutely wonderful.

I love German Chocolate Cake and cheesecake.

Phillip and Lisa Hill said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like our birthdays are close. You'll have to tell me the exact day so I can put it in my calendar and I can tell you on the day instead of late. That cake looks so yummy.