Tuesday, April 22, 2008

win a fish

win a fish
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I knew it would happen, it does every time I want to take a little cash out from our bank. The teller asks me what I'm going to do with it. I don't quite understand why she wants to know. Isn't that a little personal? Today I was prepared, I knew she would ask, I had my answer.

But she didn't ask, instead she read my little note on the bottom of my check and had a better idea for me. She suggested I open a 9 mo. CD, they were offering a <-0.75> rate. Now, I can't say I know a lot about banking, but I did notice that negative before the rate--and I'm sorry that's just not very exciting to me. I think instead I'll go buy our new freezer like I had in mind in the first place. Thank you anyway.

Geez, is this life in a small town?


ALF said...

Now there's an offer - one with a negative rate!

dilling said...

just send your money here, instead.