Wednesday, April 30, 2008

the flag marks the spot

the flag marks the spot
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While we were shopping for tomato plants on Sunday at the nursery in town, Fred spotted a beautiful pink dogwood tree, but it was bigger than we could get home. He's talked for over ten springs about getting one for front yard (like our neighbors across the street). Pink or white, we talk ahead--but never decided. It was obvious when we saw it.

When we paid, and gave an address, the girl presented a red flag and told us to mark the spot--they'll deliver and plant it sometime this week. That was easy! When we got home, I planted the flag right on the mound where the old plum tree used to be.

That open space where two years ago the tree man with the saw and grinder said I'd never miss it. But I do.

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Dan Allen said...

A great story, Val. I hope you will post a photo of the tree once it is planted.