Wednesday, March 19, 2008

winter flower

winter flower
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My sister-in-law Gayle sent this for Christmas. At the time it was a less-than-impressive dirt filled basket, delivered by Fed Ex. Now, three months later, a southern exposed window and weekly watering...I'm impressed. Thank you Gayle!

The household are all sick, but I feel great. Between coughing and sleeping, Fred jokes that this is my payback for being so sick this time last year--I have immunity now.

Ok, I'll take that, while I go up and down the stairs for the umptenth time this week with another bowl of soup, more asprin and sympathy for one of the three!


Kellan said...

"Less-than-impressive dirt filled basket" - too funny! It's beautiful now.

Have a good day, Val - see you soon. Kellan

ALF said...


Hope everyone in your house is feeling better soon.

Kellan said...

Hi Val - thanks for the nice words about my new do! Hope you are having a good week - see you soon - Kellan

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

Well worth the nurturing and wait. Love the colour.