Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I'm so embarrassed. Yesterday I saw myself as the type of mother we always joked about. The helicopter parents who hover, the baby boomer, type-A-personalities who know what needs to be done and get it done.

There I was in the high school office, Olivia home sick in bed. The second-to-the-last day to get signs off's for her Nat'l Honor Society application. Yes, she should have finished them herself. I nagged, she sighed, I should have taken the hint. Assuming this is what she wanted, what she needed. I gather up her hard work, 98% complete, made the appt, got in to see who I need, it's so simple!

The flush of embarrassment came moments later when I was told by the administrator to let it go--they couldn't help me. Olivia needed to do this herself. Others got their applications in within the two weeks. It wasn't my job to do.


Allie said...

Oh...sad! I wish I would have worked harder and cared more when I was in school, so I could have been considered for the National Honor Society. Oh well. No use dwelling over the past.

Val Cox said...

oh I hear you allie! The funny thing is Olivia so casually informed me after school yesterday that she took care of what she needed and turned it all in, on time (just!) We are so proud of her!

Yay! I know I'm a nag about these things, but I really think one day she'll be glad to have these accomplishments under her belt. The hard work already done to deserve them, so they are worth the effort jump through the hoops to make the titles and memberships official!