Wednesday, March 05, 2008

homeward bound, salt lake to philadlephia

It's great to be home, I just need to unpack, catch up and upload some photos! Oh and get some coffee, I spent 3 wonderful days with my Morman relatives--no caffine allowed, lol!


ALF said...

once again, amazing.

Kelly said...

Welcome Back! I'm glad you made it safely home. Did they let you bring your camera and gear on board?

Val Cox said...

thank you Alf!

Kelly, I got the camera contraption through Philadelphia airport just fine, but on the return trip the security just couldn't get a handle on what it was--and they had to see inside. They were quite kind about it all, but they did disassemble it and tore apart the housing to see the interior. That's when they had the 'ah ha' moment and said, '...ah it's a camera'.

I can rebuild it, lol!

Dan Allen said...

So glad you are back -- and with such a great photo! And with such a great story, as well.