Wednesday, February 06, 2008


sunset trees
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Today was a day for living in Pennsylvania--especially a winter day in February, where the temperature reached over 70 degrees and graced us with a vibrant sunset!

Today my married name became official. Yes, we were married in the 1990's, I just never bothered to register my name with social security. I took Fred along just in case, along with my passport, all the forms, and the original marriage license I stumbled upon last week--the missing puzzle piece that kept me from remembering to do this small (yet important) task.


Nonie said...

Hi Val ..I love the photo today and the one yesterday of the pears and plums is my favorite. Aren't you lucky to have such great weather.
As for your post today..well..I AM SHOCKED! You? Nooooo. :) You're so organized.

Christine said...

Congratulations. So does this mean you get to go on an Official Honeymoon, too?

travelma said...

How does it feel???? Did you go for a celebratory lunch or anything, just the two of you? I love the photo...the contrast is great.

Val Cox said...

We had a wonderful lunch at a special Indian restaurant afterwards and laughed about how long it took us to make me 'official'.

We're planning a little trip the end of the month--and leaving the kids with parents of their friends. We'll call it a honeymoon of sorts--I can't wait!