Wednesday, February 27, 2008

caged flowers, bird

caged flowers, bird
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Fred brought this brass bird cage home years ago. I have no idea why, we don't have a bird.

Just in case he got an idea that we might need one, I placed a stuffed bird on the swing, added some flowers below and found a place for it all on top of the basement freezer. The first thing you see coming down the stairs.


Dan Allen said...

Another wonderful image on a website full of great work!

Stopping by is always a real treat.

Mike said...

I love how it appears that the stuffed bird is peering at that camera from just under the cage roof. In case you find the need for more pets... I've got a rambunctious pair of weimaraners for you. They won't quite fit in the cage, and cleaning up after them is not quite as easy - but you'll love them just same!

Kellan said...

I love bird cages - we have no birds either! Yours is decorated prettier than any of mine! Having a stuffed bird is better than having a real bird - I'm pretty darn certain of that!

Have a good day - Kellan

Val Cox said...

thank you Dan for your kind words!

hmm, a rambunctious pair of weimaraners. Heck, they can't be any more trouble than a couple teenagers, right? :)

Hey Kellan. My dad always told us, 'get a birdcage and you'll get a bird'. We came close the day Fred brought this home. The flowers kept us a bay until the mood passed to get a new pet, hehe!

rain said...

I haven't stopped in for a bit. Great photos. Inspiring to me.