Tuesday, January 08, 2008

star fruit pair

star fruit pair
Originally uploaded by valcox


dilling said...

love this light

Kellan said...

Another beautiful picture - I just want to eat them up! Take care. Kellan

travelma said...

Again...the lighting is ummmm....perfect. Maybe I need to buy a lamphead thing!! My TtV's need some work. Do you tend to use the same camera????

Val Cox said...

thank you! I haven't tried them yet, I suspect they'll be a bit sour. They were just so darn photogenic looking I had to buy them!

travelma, yes, I'm using just the Ansco Rediflex with the Nikon D70. I have a few base cameras, the Kodak Duaflex, the Argus 75, but right now I'm enjoying the Ansco with the edge distortion on the viewfinder.

The lighting is simple, it's just a flashlight, but it's one of those bright ones, small, that you'd take walking. Keep trying!

travelma said...

Thanks Val...for the info and encouragement.

travelma said...

Val, From what I understand you need to hold the Ansco Rediflex about three feet away from the other camera. What is your contraption like???

Val Cox said...

Travelma, it's not quite 3 ft, but yes the Ansco Rediflex viewfinder glass is larger than the Argus 75 or Duaflex, so you have to have more room between the two cameras.

My total length (end to end) between the two cameras (Nikon D70 + Ansco Rediflex) is 20" long. That's about a 12" space (in the darkened tube) from the end of the lens on the Nikon, to the glass viewfinder top itself on the Ansco.

About 5 inches longer than you need for an Argus or Duaflex. Keep trying, you'll get it! Val

Val Cox said...

Travelma, I forgot to answer your second question about the camera set up. Here you can see some photos of my contraption, scroll to the bottom for the images.


if you don't see it here, click on my blogger profile, to see my viewfinder-camera blog, I update every couple of weeks.

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