Monday, January 14, 2008

rabbit in ground glass

rabbit in ground glass
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Today was week two, day three of my beginner yoga class. We primarily worked on breathing exercises today--it's pretty interesting.

Last Thursday, right before class, I saw one of my classmates outside the building. She watched me coming from across the street at Starbuck's, cappuccino in hand. When we caught up, she expressed her shock that I was drinking coffee before yoga.

Well why not? (oh course, I said nothing) I thought of this all week. So this morning, I went without, planning to get the cappuccino after class instead. Never again, between yawning and nearly falling asleep twice, I could never quite clear my mind of what I missed, that morning routine I enjoy so. Next time, I follow my heart and body and do what I want. Cappuccino before yoga? If that's what I desire, darn right, that's what I do!


travelma said...

Yoga is so great. Good for you!! I just love it...

luanne said...

Val, good for you! let "purists" be shocked... we all have to find our own balance in life, and i couldn't go without my coffee first thing either. starbucks & yoga sounds like a perfect start to the day.

Sabrina Lorah said...

I'm with Luanne. If yoga is supposed to increase "body awareness" and "mindfulness"--you've got it! Okay Val, move to the front of the class.