Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Last week it was discipline, 'you've got dishes for a week'.

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Who knew she's do such a great job, the kitchen never looked better. Damn!

Seven days later, 'hey honey, you want to make some money? I'll pay you $25. every Wednesday if you do all the dishes and keep the kitchen spotless? 'Oh yeah' she said with a smile as I went for my purse.

17's a good age!


Kellan said...

Hi Olivia!! Nice to meet you. See you soon. Kellan

Lori Peterson said...

Ahhh yes, 17 is a great age and it only gets better from there. I've hired Desiree and now she is in charge of cleaning the house every other week. She does a better job than any cleaning crew I've ever hired. The best part is where she puts away all the miscellaneous stuff of hers that has found its way into this room and onto that counter. :) She has learned to clean really well and quite quickly. I think that will probably be a very handy skill when she moves out. Money well spent, I'd say.