Saturday, December 15, 2007

two cats

two cats
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Those cats know how to capture a sun beam it's amazing!

Last night Fred and I had a date, we left the kids at home, and made it official. I know it was an official date because I put on make-up.

Though I was tired of selecting trendy, tasty restaurants and then waiting so long to get a table, I told Fred, 'let's go somewhere really bad for dinner, so we don't have to wait so long'. I expected some push back, but got none, just a pleasant, 'ok'. And that's what we did, dinner was mildly fair, but we had a great time!


Hayden said...

I like your tactic - choose a bad restaurant, LOL!

Christine said...

Your cats look like they are pulling the sun to them. My cats would kill for that power.

Actually, they kill for the joy of killing, but that's just a cat thing.

Val Cox said...

Hi Hayden, yea we've got this dinner thing figured out now!

Christine, that's funny! Oh yes, these two cats know how to harness a sunbeam to their will, especially when it involves a cat nap.

Kellan said...

Cool picture and I'm glad you had a good time. See you later. Kellan

Rising Rainbow said...

That's an interesting take on finding a restuarant. I think I'm way too into food for that

Magpie said...

My cats always knew when the heat had come on in the apartment building - long before we knew, they'd be on top of the unit.