Sunday, December 30, 2007

memorial tree

memorial tree
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We stopped to look at this memorial tree yesterday on the side of the road, fully decorated from the branch tops with Christmas decorations. From the number of tiny bears and toys we expected to find it a memorial for a young child. When actually it was for a boy, 17, who died over a year ago. The back of the tree covered in many snapshots of him with friends, family and pets.


Kellan said...

How sweet. Nice for you stop by and take this picture - acknowledge this sweet memorial. Have a good day. Kellan

travelma said...

How nice of you to stop by and pause. I guess this sort of memorial is universal. Even in our small rural community I pass by two on a regular basis...always sending healing thoughts to all who have been touched by the tragedy of loss.

Christine said...

Yes, they are everywhere, making me glad my sons don't yet drive.