Thursday, December 13, 2007

blackberries and kumquats

blackberries and kumquats
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hey, another indoor, it's-cold-outside, photo. But today we're expecting lots of snow, yay! That will be fun for photo taking. Where are my boots?


Annabelle said...

Just look at those blackberries..not a drop of moisture on them! You done good, Sumo! Hee Hee!

Val Cox said...

he knows the trick now, hehe!

Waiting Amy said...

Delicious looking blackberries! I'm amazed you're finding such beautiful fruit this time of year in Bucks Co.
(by the way ... I grew up in Chester Co., small word huh?)

Thanks for your nice compliment on my blog. I enjoyed your photos. Enjoy the snow today, we are getting tons!

Val Cox said...

Hey Amy! I'm sure the fruit is coming from far off lands. I get most from the Amish farmer's market in Newtown, they have such luscious offerings!

Rick said...

We have blackberries growing all over our property - very typical of the NW.