Monday, November 05, 2007


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Fred is out of town for the week, so little things are different. I can leave my clothes, papers and sweaters on the bed, chair, floor and no one picks up after me. I like that. Now I know where they are. All the room fans are off, the windows are closed. I might even turn on the heater. I like it about 80 degrees inside, he likes it about 20 below, we compromise generally.

Last night, I ate dinner in the sitting room, I did take my dish downstairs, he would be happy. But not before I let Sumo have the leftovers. I watched a dvd movie called Pi, the two viewfinder cameras I set up in front of the screen obscured most of the tv screen but I watched it anyway. Until 3am. I don't think he would have approved of either of those.

Well that was fun for one day. Now I'm ready for him to come home!


Lori Peterson said...

I will have two weeks of alone time starting this weekend. I plan to let dishes sit in the sink and not vacuum until I can pick up cat hair with my toes.

Val Cox said...

hehe, sounds perfect Lori. Cat hair with your toes, that is so funny!