Monday, November 26, 2007

cat on the birdbath

Originally uploaded by valcox


Anonymous said...

I seriously thought that this was a computer graphic when I first looked. The 'distortion' through the viewfinder is so surreal in this shot. Love it! I wish you'd post more of your photos for sale over on Etsy. (nudge, nudge!) ;0

Lisa D

Val Cox said...

thanks Lisa, oh I know I love the surprise of a surreal image straight from the camera. I don't know anything about photoshop, so I have to do it the old fashioned way...with a distorted bubbletop viewfinder! Thanks for the etsy nudge, I've got something brewing!

Loribeads said...

Very 'Alice in Wonderland' shot, Val!

Anonymous said...

Sumo almost looks like he has eyes in back of his head in this shot.
I had to look twice.
He is a beautiful cat
Linda A