Wednesday, November 07, 2007


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I was so ready to hit the delete button on this darn frit book and take up a new hobby. I told Fred on the phone through tears that I didn't have it in me, all the time spent was a waste. I was sick of looking at it. In his usual supportive way, he made me feel resigned with my decision.

My mother, not so easy. I got the 'little engine' pep talk. She cited that story line, reminding me I am too close to stop now. Chugging along... I-think-I-can-I-think-I-can..."


toni lutman said...

You're soooooo close! I hope you have a nice celebration planned when it's finally finished!

Mommie said...

That's my girl! I-know-you-can. I-know-you-can.


Anonymous said...

Oh No VAL! Listen to your mom! I'm so anxious for this book. Not just for to pick up info. I may have missed in your class but mostly for your beautiful photos of glass!!! I'm just drewling over the sneak peaks you've already shown!

What happened to make you feel this way?

Best wishes.
Jenn Kelly
Hollister, CA

Duda said...

Hey Val... no rush... take a break and come back. You might feel better! We will love your book when it is done, whenever it is done. Your mom is too cute! :)

calumey said...

I'm sending you all my "I think I can" energy and good thoughts to you. I am so looking forward to this book.

I know it's a difficult process. I also realize that everyone saying how much we want this book is also a bit selfish but just think of the fabulous feeling you'll get when the task is complete and you have this wonderful project under your belt. Like someone already said, step back, take a break and when you get back to it, just pick one portion and focus on that instead of the overwhelming BIG picture.

I've let you know how much of an ispiration you have been to me and I'm sure to countless others. So, now, dear Val, it's time you wrapped yourself in the warm blanket that is our confidence and admiration for you. Cheers and hang in there!

Cynthia (calumey)

Anonymous said...

Oh Val, you've come so far! Perhaps it is selfish of those of us who SO want your book to encourage you to finish it, but I'm sure you'll feel marvellous when you do get there! The sense of achievement you'll feel will make it so worthwhile, I'm sure.

Don't know if you can delegate any more bits at this late stage but perhaps that would help(?) (I'm willing by the way!)

Keep up the great work!


luanne said...

Good luck getting through this rough patch Val! We all believe can do it, but most of all you need to take good care of yourself. So take whatever breaks or detours you need to stay healthy and rejuvenate your spirit.

p.s. Love the photo in this post! I don't quite understand the camera setup you've devised, but sure do love the great photos you're getting!

Anonymous said...

Val, each one of us, whether we post or not, are sending you powerfully positive good wishes. Don't worry, everything has been thoroughly checked for spelling and grammar so just take it all in!

We're here for you the way you're here for us. We love you.

Val Cox said...

thank you for the kind comments and advice, it helps!

Anonymous said...

Yes, take whatever time you need to get over these feelings of wanting to throw in the towel. It will be so good to say "I did it!". And just think of having one more important life lesson to share with the children. How's that for incentive?!?!? You can all celebrate!

Whatever happens, I wish you all the best. And I enjoy your photos so very much.