Sunday, October 07, 2007

towel on floor

towel on floor
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Fred and Olivia went to the cottage this morning to load up some of the larger items for which they needed the truck. He told me he wanted to go without me, because he was sure it would make me sad, leaving and all. What's funny is that I think he will miss it just as much.

My consolation is that Fred promised me last week, I will have another cottage, very soon. And this next one we will own not rent (the owner of this wouldn't sell). That it would be near a pond or lake or river, and I can have all the ducks I want. The best part is, he always keeps his promises!


karen said...

Fred is a dream come true! So you'll either be going on a 'cottage hunt' or you'll be digging up the backyard to make your own lake? Oooo, or maybe you'll buy that stone house on the river that Fred loves?! You're one lucky girl!

Lori Peterson said...

I am sad for you to leave the cottage too. But, as with all things, change brings new adventures and experiences. Cheers to you and Fred in your quest for the perfect cottage!

Val Cox said...

Love your way of thinking Karen!

Thanks Lori, yes, new adventures of which today I can't even imagine, I'm sure!