Wednesday, October 24, 2007

spotted cat

spotted cat on bed
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The kids have chores, and they are pretty good at doing them without being asked. One of Rush's chores is to roll the garbage can to the street every Wednesday and Sunday night. He usually has to be reminded, or at least I think so. The consequence for forgetting is more chores. Specifically all the dish washing for 2 days.

Fred sometimes would roll the trash can down if he thinks Rush forgot, I suggested we really needed to let Rush fail at some point, rather than being reminded--so we miss a garbage pick up, so what. The trouble was Rush kept remembering or we kept reminding him--we never got to test out the 'consequence' part of the lesson. So last week, after months of this, we didn't remind, Rush forgot and Fred didn't cover. Nevermind it was the same day Rush was sick in bed, he still forgot, and could have put his shoes on, responsibility is responsibillity, right?

He dudifully did all the dishes without complaint. So last Sunday, I'm waiting, waiting, will he remember the thrash? Darn he remembered without being reminded, no dishes relief for me this week!

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Lori Peterson said...

I wish I had your resolve. I always give in, remind, nag, and otherwise cave-in when it comes to discipline. As you well know, I have paid for that weakness in more ways than I would care to list. Good for you, sticking to your guns. Your hard work will pay off in the form of a responsible adult.