Tuesday, October 30, 2007


october birthday
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You might notice that all my images captured through the viewfinder are mirror imaged, that's all part of the challenge and fun of shooting through a camera made in the 1940's.

Fred had a birthday this weekend, it was great. The big cake now gone. I suspect it was more than one kids breakfast for several days. We each have our own little ceramic candle house. Though Olivia and Fred share October birthdays at the very beginning and end of the month, Rush and I each have our own. His for February looks like a winter birthday cake house, dressed in pinks and lavendars, my candle cake house for the month of May, looks like it sprung up from a flower garden.

I think these will be momentos, when they are grown, they will spot in the china cabinet and remember each time they were brought out, forgotten from the time before.


Sabrina Lorah said...

So where did you find Birthday Candle cakes. Is that a PA thing?

Val Cox said...

I'm not sure it's a PA thing, but I saw them in a store here a few years ago, and I bought one for each of us (ok, Fred and olivia have to share a month). The are little 3 story ceramic houses, that look like a cake, with a candle chimney on top. A tea candle sets on the bottom.

Hmm, maybe a need a 'September' for when you come visit! Val