Saturday, October 13, 2007

grand sumo

grand sumo
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Sumo is such a patient kitty, I could just smother him with hugs and kisses!

Yesterday Rush took his 8th grade teachers and principal by surprised when during his yearly IEP meeting he declared he no longer wanted to be in learning support/special education. That he wanted to join a mainstream class, any one--NOW. It was the first time he's ever attended one of these meetings, I guess they figure he's old enough now to have some input. He told the group that he had gone to Standford University this last summer, (it was a weeklong leadership class), and that's the college he wants to attend 'just tell me what I need to do to get there'.

No one knew what to say. The principal had just finished telling us that he strongly suggested the Vocational/Technology high school for Rush next year, 'they aren't as bad as you're thinking' the principal justified. 'No', Rush told us, 'he could do this--regular high school and mainstream classes at that!'. Everyone agreed something had shifted in him this summer, that he for once was taking his own education seriously. So the state gives him rights and he took a stand. No one quite knew what to say except to listen and follow his wishes, to give him some opportunities to prove himself. The IEP didn't get signed off, and goes back for revisions--his revisions.

As we were leaving I over heard something said to him, 'you have a really great mom'. That felt so nice to hear and only stirred the fire within me to support him on this new path, to see where it leads.


karen said...

Val, how exciting! It's the true beginning of his path :)

Sabrina Lorah said...

Wow. This is big!