Wednesday, October 10, 2007

glass on sill

glass on sill
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I have an artist friend in Canada, her name is also Val Cox. We met on-line years ago, and she told me about the other four Val Cox's she knows--each are artists. We are our own little club now. Fortunately we don't quarrel over who gets to use our name when we sign up on new sites--I try to get there first.

One of the Val Cox's is a poet, who wrote a delightful poem called the 'Cookie Thief'. We sometimes get her mail, but haven't been able to locate her yet to join the club.


karen said...

You're swaying me to get in touch with the other 'me's in the world, lol! I've found two but have always been hesitant to contact them. Who made first contact - you or one of the other Vals?

karen said...

Wow! One of you is a guy and one of you lives in Canada! How neat that you're all artists, also :)

Val Cox said...

Hi Karen, it's easy, just email them, and when they see your name, they'll know. I think I wrote to the Val at, she's an illustrator, and the one who told me about the others, whom she met earier. Yes one of us male, he's a musician I think, the others are painters, and a writer. I'm sure there are many more. I heard the term for this recently your, 'google twin'. Val

Carol said...

very amusing

When I did a google image search on my name I found my "google twin" Long blond hair, blue eyes, etc.. Oh yeah! that's me alright!

Funny part is that some years ago I actually wore a costume to a halloween party (something I have avoided doing since high school). I dressed as my antithesis.. long blond wig, full make-up (which I never wear), no glasses, tight fitting dress, flashy jewelry... no one recognized me until I spoke.

I haven't contacted the "other me", but I do read about her on-line and wonder if she ever reads about me. I expect there are other Carol Holadays doing the same... reading but not contacting each other.

Sure glad I secured my own name domain even before I had my website ready. My business name has been my own name for over thirty years and I sure wouldn't want to change it now.

Davena said...

I'm pretty sure there aren't any other Davena Abioye's out there. I do have to fight off other 'deevaa's' though. :)

Val Cox said...

Carol, I love your story and thank you for the term/concept antithesis, I love that! Smart girl to get your domain. I secured my son's name domain and renew it each year, one day I figure he'll want it! Val

Val Cox said...

Davena, that is so funny. Yes, I'd guess you are all alone in the twin-name department. Thanks for sharing your story! Love the deevaa name, very classy! Val