Monday, October 01, 2007

ducks inside

ducks inside
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'Spots' is such a brave little duck. And always hungry. He'll venture inside when the door is open to be nearer the refrigerator where I keep the corn. He knows I might spill a kernal or two on the short walk to the yard. Perhaps he thinks I might close the door on the others and feed him alone. Just the two of us.


karen said...

Won't the new resident of the cottage be surprised when the ducks venture inside, hehe!

Val Cox said...

hey, Karen! Actually it's going to be great. I met the new resident today. She came by to take measurements, and she reminded me of me.

She is so excited about the ducks, told me it was the reason she is getting the cottage. She regularily buys corn by the 50lb bag for the ducks at our town pond. My family of five are going to be in very good hands. I'm suspecting spoiled in fact. I'm no longer worried about them. Meeting her was such a relief! Val

Lori Peterson said...

Maybe you could plan a farewell dinner for two with Spots.

I'm looking forward to your book, Val. I'm so proud of you.

Val Cox said...

Hey Lori, great idea, hehe! Thank you for your kind words and encouragement, I sure appreciate it!