Wednesday, September 26, 2007

tea bag dish

tea bag dish
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We're in the season where all the windows are open, the screens are tight, the drone of the airconditioner quiet. I like it, but by mid-day, it gets warm and still inside. Today I had a relaxing break on the back patio, until two bees sent me back inside to work.


Word said...

Hey Val, I just have to say that I have been looking at TTV photography for only about a week now but I am hooked. I can not believe how wonderful your photos are. I read a lot of food magazines just for the photographs and yours are top notch. I keep a blog also and hopefully I will start posting some TTV photos of my own. Again, beautiful shots. Greg

Val Cox said...

excellent Greg, thank you for the kind words! I joined a ttv group at flickr called throughtheviewfinder, great stuff there! It's fun and easy! Val