Saturday, September 29, 2007

patio table

patio table
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Fred had to run to Cabella's, it's a long day drive through the Amish country. I would usually go along, but today I was busy and needed to work at home.

Years ago, before we got married, he told me I would always be able to have any animal or pet I wanted; he knew I loved animals. Any animal, except one--a cow. Today he changed his mind. He drove past a farm of miniature cows, said they were the cutest things. I reminded him we only have an acre and a half.

I looked online, found photos of these little cows (as pets) in people's house. Cute names like, "Moose", "Ladybug" and "Peanut". Hmm, well maybe!


Sabrina Lorah said...

OMG, you just got the floors done!

marGASv said...

It's a great photo. I think it's yours. Very nice, it reminds me many things...

My greetings from Thessaloniki, North Greece!

by marGASv