Friday, September 14, 2007


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I was so happy to see Olivia studying this morning, during a school holiday. Last night she came home from her job at the grocery store. A job she really likes--and they like her. But between the job, her social life and honors classes, she is afraid of getting behind. I reminded her that school must come first, but I can certainly understand her pride in being so needed at a job. The dependable one. The one who finishes a task better and faster than a boss expects. We can become addicted to the praise, of being needed. Hey, I need someone to help with the dishes. Somehow that's not as important. Her junior high school year, does it get easier, or harder? I don't recall.


Sabrina Lorah said...

I have a theory. Teenagers are fuzzy and out of focus to those who are near. For those who see them at a distance, they are brilliant.

Olivia is not only brilliant, but courageous and inspiring. She's truly a gem of countless facets.

Val Cox said...

yes, a little clarity is what I need. Thanks Sabrina for the input!